You’ve been meaning to get that carpet runner cleaned for months now and you are hosting a party at your house in two days! You think to yourself, no worries, I’ll just throw it in my big fancy washing machine. THINK AGAIN!

Below is Why You Shouldn’t Wash a Carpet Runner in a Washing Machine

A Wet Rug Is Heavier Than a Dry One

The general rule of thumb when dealing with carpet runners is to never fully submerge them in water. Check the tag first if you think you can fully submerge them. An extremely heavy rug – carpet runners are even more heavy due to their larger size in general, will wash extremely rough in your washer. You would probably rather replace a $50 carpet runner than a $1000 washing machine.

Damages to Your Washing Machine

Depending on how your rug is constructed, it could do some extreme damage to your washing machine’s pump. Loose fibers and glue could ruin your pump. The weight of the wet carpet runner could damage many interior pieces of your washing machine.

Damages to Your Carpet Runner

Surprisingly most damaged runners don’t get that way from wear and tear, permanent stains or flood damage, but by improper cleaning. Colors can bleed, edges will fray, and the runner can shrink or stretch depending on the material of the carpet runner.

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